by Anna de Jong

About Me

When I started taking a course with friends to learn pottery, the love for clay was born and this is still growing. Followed by courses at art school, the ‘orientation’ year for the Academy for Fine Arts in Amsterdam and the Ceramics Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. A few years later I started my own studio.

Artists such as Picasso, Yayoi Kusama, Grayson Perry and others fascinate me. Still nature is the greatest source of inspiration. The endless cycle of the origin and transience of flora and fauna around us. Organic forms with small perfect imperfections are never the same or boring. Building and forming the clay by hand gives the work my own personal touch. The finish with a real golden, platinum or copper layer misleads the viewer. A rich metal look on a fragile skin.

Mainly I create bowls, vases and chalices, but also larger objects and urns, commissioned or as free work.

“To build with raw clay, to fire in the kiln, to glaze and decorate is always very exciting and never boring.”


size: 50h x 40w x 40cm

Size: 50h x 14w x 14cm

Size: 34h x 16w x 16cm

Size: 53h x 20w x 20cm

Size: 37h x 34w x 34cm

size: 40h x 15w x 15cm

Size: 20h x 34 w x 34cm

Size: 25h x 41w x 41cm

Size: 5,5h x 26w x 5,5cm

Size: 20h x 25w x 20cm

Size: 5h x 13w x 5cm

Size: 5h x 31w x 31cm


Every assignment for me is special, but making an urn remains the most special. I have made a number of urns that I remake more often, but always slightly different to give them a personal touch. In principle, everything is possible and of course always in consultation.


Xpositron – studio #20
Elektronstraat 12-14
1014 AP Amsterdam


+31 6 558 306 73